When it comes to technology, the face of the world is changing day by day owing to constant up gradation in technology. Talking about the elevator and escalator world, it is the rise of green and most advanced invention for better tomorrow.
The highlighting features of this technology are – it’s reliable, light weight, energy saver, affordable, noiseless, and maintenance-free and is environment friendly. Such new elevator technology is a great invention for the new era that helps to create better future.

Elevator Integrated Controller

High Speed Gearless Machine

Steel Coated Polyurethane Flat Belts for Compact Gearless Machines

Touch LOP & COP

Auto Rescue Device (ARD)

Voice Announcing System

LCD Display

Emergency Phone System

Emergency Alarm

Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Cabin Light

Guide Shoe Roller

Call Button for Disable Persons

Car Load Sensing Device