Collapsible Door

Operation    : Manual
Made from  : M.S.
Color           : Black/Powder Coated (Any Color)
Best suitable for small passage area.

Inperforate Door

Operation    : Manual
Made from  : M.S with Vision Board.
Color           : Black/Powder Coated (Any Color)
Suitable where passage area is small.

Swing Door

Operation     : Manual
Made from   : Premium Quality Wood with
Heavy Duty Door Closer.
Color            : Lamination Sheet or Paint.

Automatic Door

Operations : Motor Operated
Made from : S.S./M.S. with Vision Panel
Color           : Powder coated (Any Color)
Elegant looks, Light in weight
Suitable for corporate, houses, hotels.

Telescopic Door

Operations  : Manual
Made from  : M.S. with Vision Board
Color           : Black/Powder Coating (Any Color)
State of art design, make more attractive foyer as well as smooth in operations.
Light in weight photograph.