Torque Elevator offers really great stretcher elevator of various capacity and speed that helps serve better mass and emergency transportations at hospitals and medical institutes. Its Feature of Emergency Control System makes reliable and safe riding. Moreover, we also offer automatic rescue device that is really worth and helps at the time of power failure in the building.
Our elevator cabin is designed to be very spacious keeping patients’ comfort in mind . . . It has Proper Exhaust System, Smooth Riding and Jerk Free Landing. It is also Designed to transport Bulky and Heavy Hospital Equipments without any panic. Elevator’s versatile automatic control system is provided to permit economical self service or attendant operation.

Collapsible Door

Operation    : Manual
Made from  : M.S.
Color           : Black/Powder Coated (Any Color)
Best suitable for small passage area.
Suitable up to 1500mm wide clear opening.

Inperforate Door

Operation    : Manual
Made from  : M.S with Vision Board.
Color           : Black/Powder Coated (Any Color)
Suitable where passage area is small.

Telescopic Door

Operations  : Manual
Made from  : M.S. with Vision Board
Color           : Black/Powder Coating (Any Color)
State of art design, make more attractive foyer as well as smooth in operations.
Light in weight photograph.

Automatic Door

Operations : Motor Operated
Made from : S.S./M.S. with Vision Panel
Color           : Powder coated (Any Color)
Elegant looks, Light in weight
Suitable for corporate, houses, hotels.